What is 1031DSTDirectInvest?

…The DIY of DST Investing – Delaware Statutory Trusts

There’s a good chance it’s taken you many years to build and preserve your wealth. Along the way making investments and taking risks based on sound business decisions. You should feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence knowing that you’ve succeeded in acquiring and operating your investment properties all of these years. So, who better than you, to protect your hard-earned wealth?

This is where 1031DSTDirectInvest can help. Much like self-directed investment accounts, 1031DSTDirectInvest, gives real estate investors and those seeking to find replacement properties to complete their 1031 exchange, complete control over their investment choices and the decisions they make. Unlike other brokers and advisors, you get direct access to all of the due diligence you could possibly need to make a well-informed buying decision… not just a brochure and private placement memorandum (PPM) to review.

This means you can rely strictly on the facts, in writing, as they should be so you can avoid all of the sales fluff and pressure. There’s enough pressure selling and buying real estate as it is, so why add more? With 1031DSTDirectInvest, you’ll get DST product comparison reports, independent DST property analyst reports, appraisals, market research and so much more.

Investing in DSTs is serious business but with minimum investments starting at $100,000 you can now diversify and reduce your concentration by manager, type of real estate and geographic location. With Courtlandt 1031 and 1031DSTDirectInvest as a resource, it’s Facts Not Fluff. You’ll now have the power to take an active role in your exchange and purchase decisions. Whether you invest on your own or work with us as an Advisor or do a little of both, the choice is yours.


Sell Real Estate WITHOUT Paying Taxes.

A Guide to Understanding 1031 Exchange Options and Alternatives

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