Integrated Financial Planning for Real Estate Investors
Real estate agents focus solely on real estate transactions. FINRA-registered securities representatives only sell brokerage securities. Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) only manage listed securities via a fee-based platform. None of them can offer an end-to-end financial solution to the investor who has both traditional and real estate investments.

Through its various affiliates, Courtlandt 1031 is able to offer an advanced financial plan that integrates real estate investing with multiple other areas of planning, such as fee-based money management, securities, and insurance.

Specifically as it relates to your real estate investing, your financial plan will uncover:

☑ What types of real estate are appropriate for you?
☑ When does it make sense to acquire / dispose of properties?
☑ What is an appropriate amount of risk for each property and as a whole?
☑ How to balance appreciation potential with current income?
☑ How to maximize tax benefits?
☑ How to leave investment properties to heirs and beneficiaries?
Key Differentiators to the Courtlandt 1031 Model

☑ Plan-based approach to real estate investing
☑ Integration with securities and managed money goals and needs
☑ Integration with personal financial and estate goals
☑ Coordinated, team approach with multiple professionals in different areas of expertise
☑ Fully transparent costs with both fee-based and/or commission-based solutions available.