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The Courtlandt 1031 Property Disposition Marketing Plan

For each relinquished property, Courtlandt 1031 creates a custom Property Disposition Marketing Plan, which helps increase the value of your property sale. Your plan will include the following crucial steps:

Property Valuation
This area of our services is key in determining optimal value as well as the appropriate marketing strategy. The property valuation process includes an extensive examination of income and expenses, specific features and characteristics unique to your property, tenant data to include existing lease and rental agreements, similar properties for sale and comparable sales in the immediate vicinity.

Marketing Strategy
Our marketing plans facilitate the alignment of selling property owners and qualified investors. Marketing plans are created on an individualized basis and tailored to meet the needs of each client and property. We use a variety of tools to implement our plans including comprehensive property brochures, print advertising, direct mailings, broker mailings, fax on demand services, video, email blasts, exposure through industry specific sales organizations, website and internet marketing as deemed appropriate.

Sales Strategy
Our unique abilities derive from our relationships with numerous real estate investors, exchange buyers and sellers, individuals, private parties and corporations seeking to expand, consolidate, diversify or reallocate their real estate portfolios. Our investment professionals are income property specialists and have extensive knowledge in the acquisition and disposition of real estate in their respective markets.
Single Owner Property Sourcing

Courtlandt1031 Single Owner Property Sourcing Program allows clients to purchase a replacement property based on an array of acquisition criteria while leveraging Courtlandt1031's extensive network of sources of candidate properties. Sourcing begins with a preliminary screening of available properties, followed by more extensive due diligence based on the client's interests and suitability.

As part of engaging Courtlandt1031's acquisition services, clients typically complete and/or sign the following documents:

Single Owner Property Acquisition Criteria Questionnaire
This form helps summarize investment history, current positions, goals, requirements, and preferences.

Courtlandt1031 Real Estate Representation Agreement
This agreement defines the steps involved in a Single Owner Sale and includes a non-circumvent and confidentiality agreement between the client and Courtlandt1031.

Courtlandt1031 Broker Dealer / Representative Side Letter Agreement
This agreement defines the compensation between Courtlandt1031 and the broker representative (This is for the client's reference only).

Client Referral Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
The agreement is a non-circumvent and confidentiality agreement between Courtlandt1031 and the broker representative (This is for the client's reference only).
Helping you find the right Fractional Ownership Real Estate (FORE) Opportunity

Courtlandt1031 has a dedicated research and due diligence team responsible for tracking and analyzing all Fractional Ownership Real Estate programs in the market place. In addition to regular sponsor reviews and performance verification, the research team uses an extensive due diligence checklist to study each program. Courtlandt1031 prides itself on its implementation of best practices and recommendations by FINRA and the SEC regarding FORE due diligence.

FORE Acquisition Plan Steps:

1. Finalize acquisition criteria with client

Client acquisition criteria to include:

☑ Types of real estate
☑ Geographical location
☑ Suitable loan to value
☑ Cash flow/return expectations
☑ Anticipated holding period

2. Source properties that meet the acquisition criteria
Access market resources and confirm availability of suitable FORE programs.

3. Conduct preliminary analysis of FORE programs available
Client and his/her advisors review properties to determine if property meets client’s objectives.

4. Submit initially screened properties for Client’s consideration
Review suitable submissions and together with Client select suitable programs. Verify availability and subscribe or submit Letter of Intent to purchase. Potential opportunities and risks specific to the project are considered.

5. Complete due diligence
The due diligence process includes research into various aspects of the FORE progam and underlying properties, which may include (but is not limited to) the review and / or ordering of third party reporting such as:

☑ Tax and legal opinion
☑ Physical inspection of property
☑ Environmental inspection
☑ Seismic studies
☑ Appraisals
☑ Lease abstracts

In addition, client is advised to seek competent legal and accounting professionals for the review of the Property and Asset Management Agreements, Tenant in Common agreements, financial analysis of the property to include proforma cash flows, rent roll, local market study, review all lease abstracts, tenant credit ratings, and conduct tenant interviews. Due diligence information will be made available to the client through a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) or offering circular. Any additional information required of the FORE program sponsor will be provided, if available.

6. Submit Letter of Intent and/or Purchase and Sale Agreements
Upon FORE program sponsor approval and acceptance. Client and his/her advisors should complete final due diligence before executing purchase and sale documents.

7. Escrow, financing and purchase of replacement property
FORE program sponsor will open and manage escrow and acquisition process with all concerned parties. This includes the execution of all agreements, escrow coordination, Title Insurance instructions, financing arrangements, and purchase of the replacement property.

This must occur within 180 days from the sale of the relinquished property or or the tax filing date for the year in which the property was sold, whichever comes sooner.